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What we do

Ho Chi Minh City is a vibrant, beautiful place… but it can be hard to find things. This site is here to connect you with reliable Vietnamese businesses so that dealing with everyday life is less of a hassle, especially for new arrivals.

Entries are added to this site by volunteers who have been living in Saigon for a few years. We take the photos ourselves to show you what things actually look like; both so you know what you’re getting and so you can actually find it. These are the businesses we’ve come to know and trust.

How to contribute

If you’ve had a good or bad experience with a business on this site, let us know on our Facebook page. We won’t step in to resolve any conflicts, but we may drop someone from this site if they no longer belong here.

If you know a business that you would like to see listed on this site (or find some outdated information), feel free to contact us. We’ll have someone look into it as time permits, and will add it in if we feel it is a good fit.

Be aware that this is not TripAdvisor — no business can create or edit their own page, we don’t accept professional photography, and we will remove businesses that don’t continue to meet our standards.

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